The north from Portland route will continue to Woodland and on to Longview/Kelso and in the future to Camas.         
The BNSF RR could use the Camas loop route in case of a catastrophic seismic occurrence. The destruction of the existing BNSF RR Bridge will shut down the Columbia River Crossing.                                                                     
Automotive traffic will connect from the Multi-Modal Bridge at Fourth Plain Blvd. The Multi-Modal Bridge will relieve automotive congestion on the I-5 corridor Bridges.                                                                                                
The Multi-Modal Bridge is high enough for unimpeded river traffic. This Bridge will provide crossing for CHSR, freight and automotive.                                                                                                                                                    
The Multi-Modal Bridge is far enough West to avoid conflict with air traffic.                                                              
In Longview, we have a Cascadia a midway service yard for minor repairs. Car cleaning, resupplying of passenger trains and car storage will be there.                                                                                                                     
This area with the raised station will provide flyovers over the freight rail lines. This Longview station and service yard will allow freight rail to do their work. No interference with freight RR traffic.                                                    
The Vancouver WA to Longview/Kelso plan is in PDF, you can zoom in or out.