Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc.

Transportation Economics & Management Systems, Inc. (TEMS) has been in existence since 1989 and is widely accepted as one of the foremost ground transportation planning firms in North America. TEMS provides specialized management, planning, market research, economic and systems technology consulting services for the transportation industry. TEMS’ economists, systems analysts, engineers, and professional managers have extensive experience with projects of all scopes and sizes throughout North America and abroad. One of TEMS’ strengths is its ability to provide clients with consultants who not only possess excellent theoretical knowledge but also have practical, hands-on experience in operational environments. TEMS’ clients include federal, state, and local government agencies, railroad companies, international development organizations, investment banks, and a range of industrial and commercial companies.

The practice is built around four areas of transportation consultation:

  • Demand and revenue forecasting
  • Operations and capacity analysis
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Financial analysis and business plan development

Within each of these areas, TEMS has established and merged modern interactive computer software systems with advanced and proven analytical techniques. The firm has used its extensive industry experience to develop systems that provide an interface between tactical, day-to-day management problems and overall strategic corporate and public goals of the industry. TEMS’ systems are user-friendly and easily accessible by engineers and planners with little or no expertise. TEMS’ systems prioritize the decision-making process and interact directly with both existing and developing databases.

TEMS’ key areas of expertise include:

  • High speed, passenger and freight rail, hyperloop, ferry, airport, and highway demand and revenue forecasting studies
  • Transit and transportation policy review and assessment studies, including fast ferry technologies
  • Operations and maintenance systems management
  • Passenger carrier and port studies
  • Transportation operations and communications systems and software design
  • Cost and resource allocation studies
  • Management information and planning systems development

TEMS has:

  • Conducted more than 50 passenger and freight rail feasibility studies
  • Gained extensive experience with rail system operations, with ridership forecasts validated by actual ridership achieved
  • Introduced the application of stated preference survey techniques in North America
  • Created financial and economic evaluation models used for business planning and for selecting multi-modal strategies
  • Created the RightTrack™ Business Case Planning software for high speed ground transportation system analysis.