Is High-Speed Rail Worth It?

Is High-Speed Rail Worth It?

Is High-Speed Rail Worth It?

Biden Makes Plans for High-Speed Rail in America

President Biden, affectionately nicknamed “Amtrak Joe” since he regularly commuted by train during his days as a senator, has big plans to bring America up-to-speed with high-speed rail. His practical experience with commuting by train has given him much confidence in the benefits of high-speed rail – confidence he shows by putting his money where his mouth is. Not only has Biden dedicated $80 billion of his infrastructure proposal towards improving America’s dilapidated rails, he has also restored a $929 million grant for California’s high-speed rail, which had been revoked by then-President Trump in 2019.

The Advantages of High-Speed Rail in the Pacific Northwest

Of course, California isn’t the only state where high-speed rail enthusiasts see potential to change the transportation game. Plenty of people in the Pacific Northwest see just how advantageous it could be to introduce a Seattle to Vancouver high-speed rail system – or one that stretches even beyond those destinations. Cascadia High Speed Rail has a strategy in mind to create a high-speed rail corridor that stretches from Eugene to Vancouver, BC.

High-Speed Rail Could Reduce Traffic Congestion Like Never Before

If you’re still asking yourself “Is high-speed rail worth it?,” consider the following: traffic congestion in the Portland area is bad, and it’s only getting worse. Congestion in Portland has increased 252% since 1993. Even smaller areas like Eugene and Salem have seen congestion increase more than 150%. As we approach a return to normalcy post-Covid 19, we can expect congestion to be as bad as ever – or even worse.

High-Speed Rail Is Good for The Environment

High-speed rail has the potential to help us combat traffic congestion like never before. Not only will this save the people of the Pacific northwest precious time, it will also be good for the environment. Consider the high-speed rail system in China. One set of tracks can carry as many as 20,000 people per hour. By road, this would be the equivalent of an 18-lane highway. The electrified high-speed rail would also provide travel at 250 miles per hour – four times the speed of a car! More people able to travel in a fraction of the time it would take to travel by car. Imagine how drastically local emissions would be reduced by taking 20,000 people off the roads entirely. Developing a Portland to Seattle high-speed rail would change our lives entirely.

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If you want to bring high-speed rail to Portland and the surrounding areas, learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail. We envision a high-speed rail network that would connect Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver in an unprecedented way.

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Imagine a safe and environmentally responsible high-speed rail system reaching speeds of 250 mph. Vancouver, BC to Seattle in 47 minutes, Seattle to Portland in 58 minutes, and Portland to Eugene in 45 minutes. If you want to learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail or have any questions, use our contact form.