Cascadia high speed rail train

High-Speed Rail Plans Across the Country

Cascadia high speed rail train

High-Speed Rail Plans Are Underway in the US 

Since President Biden revealed his plans to improve the rail system in the US earlier this year, high-speed rail enthusiasts have only become more and more confident in the benefits of high-speed rail. Across the country, plans for high-speed rail have become revitalized. 

High-Speed Rail Comes to Texas 

Texas currently has plans to connect Dallas and Houston with a high-speed rail system that is expected to operate commercially by 2026. This high-speed rail would span 236 miles with Japanese-made bullet trains that would reach speeds of 200 miles an hour – drastically reducing the current 4-hour driving time it takes to travel from Dallas to Houston. 

California Gets Its High-Speed Rail Grant Back 

California too hopes to proceed with plans for high-speed rail after President Biden restored the $929 million grant which had been revoked in 2019 by then-President Trump. The return of this grant is merely one step Biden has taken on his path to ensure the US has “has the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world.” 

Environmental Benefits of High-Speed Rail 

Could high-speed rail play a part in combating climate change? It absolutely could! The proposed Dallas-to-Houston high-speed rail system in Texas is projected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by about 101,000 tons. High-speed rail supporters in the Pacific Northwest propose that a Portland-Seattle high-speed rail line and a Seattle-Vancouver high-speed rail line could have similar benefits. Portland and the areas surrounding are plagued by high rates of traffic congestion. A single high-speed rail system could carry as many people as an 18-lane highway – and much faster! Imagine how drastically emissions would drop if tens of thousands of people no longer had to drive to get everywhere. 

Learn More About Cascadia High Speed Rail 

If you want to bring high-speed rail to Portland and the surrounding areas, learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail. We envision a high-speed rail network that would connect Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver, BC in an unprecedented way. 

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