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Is High-Speed Rail The Solution For Traffic Congestion? 

High-Speed Rail Plans Are Taking Off  President Joe Biden earned the nickname “Amtrack Joe” when he regularly commuted by train during his time in congress. His positive experiences commuting by train have doubtlessly informed his support of high-speed rail in this country. Since the announcement of his proposal to maintain and modernize Amtrack, high-speed rail enthusiasts all across the […]

High-Speed Rail Making Progress In The U.S. 

Biden’s Dreams For High-Speed Rail In America Could Come True  It’s been just over 6 months since President “Amtrack Joe” Biden took office and a shorter period since he announced his proposal to dedicate an $80 billion budget to maintain and modernize Amtrak. It’s undeniable that the President’s passion for high-speed rail has lit a fire in the hearts of high-speed […]

California Moves Forward With High-Speed Rail Plans 

The Future Of High-Speed Rail Looks Bright  President Biden’s support of high-speed rail plans in the U.S. seems to have really lit a fire in high-speed rail enthusiasts across the country. Biden is determined to make sure that the U.S. has “the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world” – a sentiment that is shared […]

Can America Catch Up With High-Speed Rail? 

American Dreams Of High-Speed Rail  For years, high-speed rail enthusiasts in the U.S. have dreamed of bringing the benefits of high-speed rail to people here in the states. That dream seems more possible now than ever before, with the support of President Biden, affectionately nicknamed “Amtrack Joe” from his days spent commuting by train. Not only has he included […]

Bringing High-Speed Rail To The Pacific Northwest 

High-Speed Rail Fever Sweeps The Country  President “Amtrack Joe” Biden has revitalized the hopes of high-speed rail advocates across the country since announcing his plans to repair and improve rail systems in the US. Familiar with the benefits of commuting by rail since his days in the Senate, Biden is sure that the benefits of high-speed rail […]

Economic Benefits of High-Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail Could Take Off in the US  President Biden, along with other high-speed rail advocates in the US, has bemoaned how far behind the US is in the world of high-speed rail. After all, in the past 14 years, China has built approximately 22,000 miles of high-speed rail – and could reach as many as 40,000 […]