Is High-Speed Rail Worth It?

Can America Catch Up With High-Speed Rail? 

Is High-Speed Rail Worth It?

American Dreams Of High-Speed Rail 

For years, high-speed rail enthusiasts in the U.S. have dreamed of bringing the benefits of high-speed rail to people here in the states. That dream seems more possible now than ever before, with the support of President Biden, affectionately nicknamed “Amtrack Joe” from his days spent commuting by train. Not only has he included a budget for high-speed rail in his infrastructure proposal – he’s even returned California’s $929 million grant for high-speed rail. If high-speed rail can finally be brought stateside, it will truly change the transportation game. 

Can America Catch Up With The Rest Of The World? 

High-speed rail supporters are ever hopeful for the future of high-speed rail here in the U.S. But how long will it take for America to catch up with the rest of the world in high-speed rail? It’s well known that China, for example, has the most expansive high-speed railway network in the world at about 37,900 kilometers (23,500 miles). Just recently, China has also debuted the world’s fastest train. This maglev, or magnetic levitation, train is expected to exceed the speed of China’s other high-speed rail systems, which run at about 350 kph. 

Cascadia High Speed Rail Looks To Bring High-Speed Rail To The Pacific Northwest 

The fact of the matter is that America will never catch up with other high-speed rail networks in the world if we don’t continue to push forward now. Cascadia High Speed Rail is dedicated to bringing high-speed rail right here to the Pacific Northwest. The 460-mile high-speed rail corridor planned by Cascadia High Speed Rail would connect Eugene, Oregon all the way up to Vancouver, British Columbia. 

High-Speed Rail In The Pacific Northwest Would Revolutionize Travel 

The design for a Pacific Northwest high-speed rail corridor would make travel faster, easier, and cleaner. For example, the Portland Seattle high-speed rail path could be traveled in just 58 minutes – all without having to contend with traffic and while producing much fewer emissions. 

Learn More About Cascadia High Speed Rail 

If you want to bring high-speed rail to Portland and the surrounding areas, learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail. We envision a high-speed rail network that would connect Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver in an unprecedented way. 

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Imagine a safe and environmentally responsible high-speed rail system reaching speeds of 250 mph. Vancouver, BC to Seattle in 47 minutes, Seattle to Portland in 58 minutes, and Portland to Eugene in 45 minutes. If you want to learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail or have any questions, use our contact form