California Moves Forward With High-Speed Rail Plans 

The Future Of High-Speed Rail Looks Bright 

President Biden’s support of high-speed rail plans in the U.S. seems to have really lit a fire in high-speed rail enthusiasts across the country. Biden is determined to make sure that the U.S. has “the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world” – a sentiment that is shared by those who are making plans for high-speed rail in various parts of the country. 

Texas’s high-speed rail system to connect Dallas to Houston is expected to be finished in about 5 years. The transportation departments of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are currently all working together on plans for a high-speed rail system to connect Atlanta to Charlotte. Of course, here at Cascadia High Speed Rail, we’re dedicated to bringing high-speed rail to the people of the Pacific Northwest. 

California Moves Forward With High Speed Rail Plans 

After President “Amtrack Joe” Biden returned California’s $929 million grant for high-speed rail, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has been able to move forward with making and revising plans for high-speed rail in California

What High-Speed Rail Could Do For The Pacific Northwest 

It’s impossible to ignore the benefits of high-speed rail any longer, which is why Cascadia High Speed Rail is dedicated to developing the Eugene to Vancouver high-speed rail corridor. Consider, for example, that one track of high-speed rail can carry as many as 32,000 people an hour. To reach that equivalent by road, you’d have to construct an 18-lane highway.  

High-speed rail would not only greatly reduce traffic, thereby saving commuters time, but would bring transportation emissions in the Pacific Northwest down greatly as well. By making travel quicker and easier, high-speed rail would also boost local economies. A Portland-to-Seattle high-speed rail line could bring you across that distance in just 58 minutes. Traveling – whether for fun or business – would be easier than ever. 

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If you want to bring high-speed rail to Portland and the surrounding areas, learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail. We envision a high-speed rail network that would connect Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver in an unprecedented way. 

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Imagine a safe and environmentally responsible high-speed rail system reaching speeds of 250 mph. Vancouver, BC to Seattle in 47 minutes, Seattle to Portland in 58 minutes, and Portland to Eugene in 45 minutes. If you want to learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail or have any questions, use our contact form