Bringing High-Speed Rail To The Pacific Northwest 

High-Speed Rail Fever Sweeps The Country 

President “Amtrack Joe” Biden has revitalized the hopes of high-speed rail advocates across the country since announcing his plans to repair and improve rail systems in the US. Familiar with the benefits of commuting by rail since his days in the Senate, Biden is sure that the benefits of high-speed rail should be introduced to the United States. 

California Hopes To Make Progress On Their High-Speed Rail System Soon 

In one of his bids to push forward the progress of high-speed rail in the US, Biden returned the $929 million grant that Trump had denied California in 2019. The aim is to complete this project by the 2030s. 

Texas Joins The High-Speed Rail Fray 

California isn’t the only state with big plans for high-speed rail. The Dallas to Houston high-speed rail project in Texas is ramping up, too. This line is planned to span 236 miles and is projected to be completed in 2026. 

Will High-Speed Rail Come To The Pacific Northwest? 

Of course, the high-speed rail advocates in the Pacific Northwest aren’t to be left behind. Cascadia High Speed Rail believes in both the environmental benefits of high-speed rail and the economic benefits of high-speed rail. In fact, Cascadia High Speed Rail has developed a plan to build a high-speed rail corridor that would run from Eugene to Vancouver. Imagine how much a Portland Seattle high-speed rail or Seattle Vancouver high-speed rail could reduce traffic congestion in our area! Not only would it greatly reduce emissions, but it would revitalize the economy by making casual and business travel much easier. 

Learn More About Cascadia High Speed Rail 

If you want to bring high-speed rail to Portland and the surrounding areas, learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail. We envision a high-speed rail network that would connect Portland to Seattle and Seattle to Vancouver in an unprecedented way. 

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Imagine a safe and environmentally responsible high-speed rail system reaching speeds of 250 mph. Vancouver, BC to Seattle in 47 minutes, Seattle to Portland in 58 minutes, and Portland to Eugene in 45 minutes. If you want to learn more about Cascadia High Speed Rail or have any questions, use our contact form