About CHSR

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, organize, fund, support and develop a new high-speed intercity, commuter and parcel freight rail corridor (CHSR) in the Pacific Northwest. The ± 404 mile CHSR corridor between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia is a prime example of a visionary and dynamic transport system. The station hubs are planned with connections to buses, light rail, streetcars, water taxis, autos, bikeways, pedestrians and active transit.

Private-Public Partnership

CHSR, LLC is a private, for-profit limited liability company. The ± 404 mile Pacific Northwest CHSR corridor uses most of the I-5 public right of way. This corridor requires private and public lands. CHSR, LLC will work with private parties, governors, legislative members, mayors and others to secure corridor usage rights and development.

Energy Efficient System

The fully electrified CHSR system will operate on renewable energy sources. This system is fast, reliable, safe, and connected to other transportation systems, which will stimulate pedestrian-oriented development near its station hubs. The CHSR regenerative braking system will feed electrical power back into the power lines, thus reducing its overall energy consumption and costs.

Encourage Dense Community Growth

Throughout history, new ways of transportation have motivated the development and created productive value-generating new jobs. The catalyst for the proper growth model envisioned by Oregon Governor Tom McCall and legislative leaders in 1973 was when Senate Bill 100 passed discouraging suburban sprawl in Oregon. We plan to encourage dense community growth at station areas connected to inter-city high-speed rail service and local transportation alternatives. This educational transportation model is also for other cities in America to learn from. This application will significantly reduce our dependence on oil, resolve congestion conflicts, and provide considerable economic benefits.

Our Vision

Our vision sets high standards for a state-of-the-art dedicated double-track corridor with onboard communication, elegant multi-modal train stations, and top-of-the-line 250 mph electric-powered trains to connect major cities. On the same high-capacity inter-city corridor, we will have 110 mph commuter trains connecting suburbs and towns, which will be controlled by the “CHSR Company” Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), and the Positive Train Control (PTC) system for the safest travel imaginable.

The CHSR exclusive rail corridor will be grade-separated (no CHSR track level crossings) and fenced to guarantee no accidents or delays. Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed rail system, developed in 1964 with fast and exclusive corridors, has transported billions of passengers on time without a single fatality.